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Huawei Mate Watch Might Run HarmonyOS and Could Debut with Mate 40 Series




According to the most recent rumor, Huawei is preparing to launch a brand new series of smartwatches, adopting its often-used ‘Mate’ moniker on a watch for the first time.

The trademark for Mate Watch was applied for earlier this year, and a tweet from Slashleaks contributor @Rodent950 on Twitter suggests it’ll be the primary watch to run HarmonyOS.

If that software name sounds familiar, it’s because it first started cropping up more widely around the time Huawei’s official partnership with Google was forced to finish. It had been touted as Huawei’s replacement OS for Android.

The leaker suggests in the tweet that not only will the Mate Watch launch alongside the Mate 40 series, but it will be announced on 1 October too.

It’s worth noting, given how unfamiliar the leaker is to us, we are dubious about this rumor.

With that said, Huawei did officially announce HarmonyOS as a platform for smart inter-connected devices almost a year ago and is already in use on smart TVs that it sells in China.

Current Huawei watches already run a custom Huawei software called LiteOS, which – again – could be a lightweight platform used for various smart connected devices. In some ways, HarmonyOS is its natural successor.

While there is a possibility that HarmonyOS could replace LiteOS on Huawei’s watches, the real interface that customers interact with may not need to change, and then remains mostly the same from the outside.

If that outward software/interface did change, that might be more surprising, given what proportion development is going into adding new features and capabilities. Especially with the most recent update that came with the Watch GT 2e adding a plethora of latest sports tracking modes and watches faces.

If HarmonyOS is more power-efficient than LiteOS, there is a possibility that it might result in a watch with better, more fluid functionality and graphics, that does not lose the two-week battery life that results in the current Watch GT models so appealing.

As for switching to the Mate name, it might see the watch join a brand family within Huawei that covers multiple product categories; just like the MatePad tablets and MateBook laptops, so again it does make sense.

Whether or not any of this actually happens is yet to be seen. As we said, we’re a bit sceptical, but wouldn’t be completely surprised by any of it.

Last year, Huawei officially introduced its homegrown OS called HarmonyOS. It is a distributed OS based on Linux micro-kernel architecture.

As per the roadmap shared by the corporate at Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) 2019, HarmonyOS 2.0 is going to be released this year with support for PC, cars, and smart wearables. Hence, it’s possible for the upcoming Huawei Mate Watch to run HarmonyOS rather than Huawei Lite OS found on its current smartwatches.

In addition to the software, the tipster also says that As stated by rumors, the wearable might launch alongside Mate 40 series on Chinese National Day, which will be celebrated on October 1st. This goes in line with a previous leak, which suggested the launch of Huawei Mate 40 series to take place in October as scheduled despite tensions from the United States government.

As of now, nothing else is known about this forthcoming ‘Mate Watch’ but the HarmonyOS 2.0 is going to be also found on Hauwei PCs powered by Kunpeng processors.

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Google Nest Smart Speaker First Look Is Out- Check Details



google smart speaker

The Google Home Smart Speaker was announced almost four years back. With the launch of the smart home products like the Google Home Max, Home Mini, and Nest Mini, this portfolio of the corporate has expanded. Now, it’s like Google is in plans to launch another smart speaker.

A fresh leak hinted by a Twitter-based tipster hinted that the upcoming smart speaker might be the successor to the initial Nest smart speaker. The leaked images show that it might be launched under the Nest brand and has been spotted on the Japanese Wireless Standards website.

Google Nest Smart Speaker First Look

The upcoming speaker is believed to be designed to stand upright on a side with the Google logo. The speaker appears to be wrapped in a similar fabric of chalk shade just like the other Google smart speakers. It appears to flaunt a mute button at the top and Google G logo closer to the bottom. And, the bottom right corner appears to feature a hole for the power adapter. Furthermore, the pictures show that the smart speaker could bundle a 30W adapter alongside a barrel mouth plug rather than a USB Type-C connector.

The upcoming Google Nest smart speaker is touted to be an interactive media streaming device, as per the leaked documentation. It appears to feature a length of 220mm, which can make it taller than that of the Google Home Max. Also, it’s believed to feature WiFi and Bluetooth.

What we expect

As of now, there’s no word regarding when we can expect the Google smart speaker could see the light of the day. But we will expect it to make its way into the market during the holidays. Until there’s an official confirmation regarding the upcoming smart speaker from Google with a unique design as seen here, we cannot come to any conclusion. So, this report must be taken with a grain of salt.

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PLAY Launches PLAYGO T44 and PLAYGO N82 Audio Devices in India



PLAY launches PLAYGO T44 and PLAYGO N82 audio devices in India

PLAY, a India based technology company has launched their two new audio devices, PLAYGO T44 & PLAYGO N82.

PLAYGO T44 is being offered in White as well as Black colour and will be commercially available for Rs 2999 from 14th July’2020 and PLAYGO N82 will be available from the second week of August 2020 from PLAY e-store and Amazon platform for online sales and also through the PLAY offline stores across India. The price of PLAYGO N82 will be revealed near the launch date.

PLAYGO T44 True Wireless Earphones are lightweight earpods weighing just 3.5 gm. It features a Capacitive touch-controls on each Pod to navigate between music track and audio calls. Via its “Enhanced-Bass, Extra-Loud (EBEL)” 10mm audio drivers, PLAYGO T44 offers a perfect music experience quadrant.

The bluetooth earbuds has a 500mAh lithium-Polymer (Charging Case) battery which gives upto 20 hours of PLAYtime. Charging case can recharge the buds for 5-6 further charges, while the buds gives 4 hours of music time on single charge. Charging case packed up with a Type-C power-up port and can charge from zero to full charge in less than 2 hours.

IPX4 prevents from sweat, dust resistance. There is Auto-connect feature for the Pods to bond to the mobile device immediately upon opening the charging case. The adaptive technology enables for noise reduction (NR) & also allows echo cancellation against noisy backgrounds.

PLAYGO N82 Active Noise Cancelling earphones have a premium ANC neckband form factor and boasts of Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology. It comes with a strong 13mm EBEL (Enhanced Bass and Extra Loud) drivers which promise a PLAYtime of 18 hours (on ANC active mode).

PLAYGO N82 weighs barely 40 grams and has a premium look and feel with a shining TPU and skin-friendly neckband that sits perfectly around the neck. The call and music controls are in the control panel around the neck and can be easily reachable.

“The Audio device category has seen a rejuvenated interest from customers especially in view of the global Corona Pandemic which forced people to spend long hours indoors, working from home (WFH). With prolonged hours of usage, users have realised the importance of good quality and stable audio products and are willing to spend a bit more to buy good and reliable products. At PLAY, we are extremely excited to launch two of our premium experience products, the PLAYGO T44 & PLAYGO N82 which promise to deliver a superior audiophile experience for our consumers”, commented Mr. Sandeep Banga, CEO at PLAY.

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Baseus Encok W04 Pro TWS Earphones is Now Available on Xiaomi Youpin Platform



baseus encok w04

Baseus is a brand known for its wide lineup of accessories including charging adapters, USB cables, power banks, headsets, and more. The corporate is additionally one of Xiaomi‘s technological ecosystem partners and offers several of its products through the Youpin platform. Now, Xiaomi has started offering the new Baseus Encok W04 Pro TWS headphones on Youpin.

Baseus Encok W04 Pro Features, Specifications

The headphones use a semi-in-ear design, seeking to be comfortable for the ears and not hurt the ear canals. Each unit incorporates a 13mm mobile driver complemented by a highly elastic PU composite diaphragm. This setup can restore vocal finesse, instrumental music, and deliver solid drum sound. It seems to own a sound signature designed for genres such as rock, jazz, and pop.

Its functions are powered by a dual-processing smart chip. After the mobile transmits a signal, the left and right earphones will be connected simultaneously. The new TWS Baseus Encok W04 Pro headsets connect to devices using Bluetooth 5.0, which reduces signal loss and disconnection caused by 2.4GHz band interference. The transmission speed can reach 24 Mbps, and it also can take advantage of its full connection potential at a distance of up to 10 meters.

It also supports capacitive touch controls. Because of this, we are able to pause or play the music with a double-tap on the side of the earpiece. The headphones also offer a battery backup around 4-5 hours of playback. They are being provided with a charging box that comes with a 400 mAh battery. It can charge the headphones up to 4 times in a row.

Headphones price

The new Baseus Encok W04 Pro TWS offered on Xiaomi Youpin is out there in two versions. First, we’ve the standard version priced at 158 yuan (about Rs. 1,700 or $22). Then we have a version that gives support for wireless charging, which features a tag of 188 yuan (around Rs. 2,000 or $26). Both are available in four color options: white, pink, gray, and black.

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