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Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 is a Thin and Lightweight Notebook aimed at those Working From Home



IdeaPad Slim 3, IdeaPad Slim 5, Yoga Slim 7, and IdeaPad Flex 5

Before the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook, Lenovo is ready for the fight battle. The fastest-growing PC brand in the country has launched a brand new IdeaPad to cement its place within the market. the corporate is launching the IdeaPad Slim lineup in the country as work from home becomes the new normal. With the new lineup, Lenovo is targeting the consumers searching for new ultraportable devices to work from home. Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3, IdeaPad Slim 5, Yoga Slim 7, and IdeaPad Flex 5 are the new lineup from Lenovo.

The IdeaPad Slim 3 is out there now while the other three models will become available within the coming weeks. Lenovo is additionally expanding the IdeaPad lineup to the gaming category with the introduction of IdeaPad. Lenovo is the leader in the ultra-slim PC market with 32 percent market share. Shailendra Katyal, executive director & Head of Consumer PCSD at Lenovo India said that work from home and learning from home presents a big opportunity for the company.

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3: Price and Specifications

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 is the first big announcement from Lenovo. The laptop is Lenovo’s idea of a thin and lightweight device that will appeal to both enterprises also as individual buyers. Powered by the latest 10th generation Intel Core processors, the IdeaPad Slim 3 has a hybrid storage option. It will be available at the starting price of Rs 26,990 and comes in three colors: Platinum Grey and Abyss Blue. The company aiming to features a third color option of cherry red in a few weeks’ time.

The IdeaPad Slim 3 weighs 1.6kg and is 19.9mm thick. The new model is out there in 14-inch and 15-inch screen sizes. In terms of features, the laptop is rated for up to 8.5 hours on a single charge. Lenovo has mastered the art of privacy and IdeaPad Slim 3 continues the tradition with a privacy shutter that we also saw on the ThinkBook range. The Windows 10 laptop equipped with an optional fingerprint sensor, two USB 3.1 ports, Cortana, and Dolby Audio support.

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3

Lenovo is aiming to expand it’s IdeaPad lineup to gaming with the launch of IdeaPad Gaming 3 in India. The laptop will be available at the starting price of Rs 73,990 and comes with 10th generation H-Series Core i7 or AMD Ryzen processors. It also features discrete NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti graphics, rapid charging, Dolby Audio, and Gen 5 thermals. It also sports an FHD display with 83 percent active area and 60Hz refresh rate. There is also Q Control for optimum performance and IdeaPad Gaming Keyboard inspired by ThinkPad’s iconic keyboard layout.

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 7i

Another addition to the IdeaPad lineup is Slim 7i will be available at the starting price of Rs 82,990. The 14-inch laptop comes with either 10th generation Intel Core processors or AMD Ryzen 7 Mobile processors. They cover 100 percent sRGB color gamut and support discrete NVIDIA graphics. The Slim 7i is Intel WiFi 6 ready and supports rapid charging also. They even have IR cameras for face recognition and support Dolby Atmos audio. Like IdeaPad Gaming, the Slim 7i also supports Q Control for optimized performance.

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 5

The IdeaPad Slim 5 is the third big addition to the IdeaPad lineup in India. They will be configured with either 10th generation Intel Core processors or AMD Ryzen 7 and offer discrete NVIDIA GeForce MX330 graphics. It will be available at the starting price of Rs 61,990, the laptops feature Quick Charge 2.0, Dolby Audio, fingerprint reader, and privacy shutter. They are also equipped with fully functional USB Type-C ports.

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Beware Of Fake TikTok Pro App; It Could Be Spyware Or Malware



tiktok pro

Many short video apps have come to limelight after the govt of India banned 59 China-based apps, including TikTok. ByteDance’s TikTok was one in all the most used short-video creating and sharing apps with countless active users. Some cybercriminals are now using this situation to push spyware dubbed as TikTok Pro that supposedly offers videos and also allows users to make new content just like TikTok. This message together with an URL is being forwarded on various messaging apps and here is why you should not fall for this online scam.

There is Nothing Called TikTok Pro App Do note that, there is nothing called a TikTok Pro app and the link shared is probably to contain spyware and malware that can steal your data or can even damage your smartphone by installing virus-infested apps that may seem like a TikTok app. Just by clicking on that link could damage your smartphone and you’ll permanently lose some of the some or perhaps all the data stored on your device.

Even if you receive a message that says something like this, then don’t forward to anyone, as some unaware people might actually click on the link to get back to TikTok. Instead, one can for a TikTok replacement app, like Chingari, Roposo, or perhaps something like the Firework that provides a tonne of short videos. The company is currently in talks with the govt. of India and it could resolve the problem and might actually make a comeback.

This is one of the oldest tricks used for cybercriminals and most of the innocent people even fall for this plot. As an iPhone doesn’t support third-party app installation outside the App Store, Android users are most vulnerable, especially if third-party app installation is enabled or if the smartphone has root access. There is no official app from TikTok called TikTok Pro and don’t click on any link that claims so.

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Samsung Galaxy M41 Spotted Online with Massive 6,800mAh Battery



Samsung Galaxy M41 spotted online with massive 6,800mAh battery

A few weeks ago, we heard reports that Samsung will ditch the Galaxy M41 entirely out of its M-series in favor of the upcoming Galaxy M51. However, this information might not be valid anymore. This is because the latest certification has surfaced online and it points on to the Samsung Galaxy M41.

As per a report by GSMarena, the Samsung Galaxy M41 3C certification had been cleared last week on June 28. If we pass the certification, which may be a very reliable indicator that the phone remains alive, we also spot some specifications of the upcoming M-series phone. This includes a huge 6,800mAh battery powering the phone. That’s 800mAh larger than even Samsung’s recent M series phones.

The 6,800mAh battery is really like the batteries employed in larger tablets. Considering this is an M-series device, the Samsung Galaxy M41 might be priced at around Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 in India. Hence, it’ll remain as of now, the only phone with such an outsized battery within the segment. There is also an image of the massive battery on the safety Korea website.

galaxy m41

The information points to the very fact that Samsung may have found how to resolve its OLED panel supply issue. We heard Samsung was about to implement an OLED panel that was made by a third-party company on the M41. This might have contrasted other Samsung phones that use OLED panels made by the corporate itself. This third party was believed to be TCL’s China Star Optoelectronics Technology. However, in later development, Samsung had apparently canceled the plan and ditched the Galaxy M41 altogether.

In other news, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra just leaked on Online. The accidental leak showcases what appears to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in its full glory. This includes the new copper color, the rear camera setup, and a few elements regarding the design

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PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0 with Livik Map Coming on July 7



Pubg livik map update

PUBG Mobile devs released the name and even teased the upcoming Livik map for update 0.19.0. And now Tencent Games has announced that the new update with the Livik map will arrive on July 7. This has been announced in multiple tweets from the official Twitter handle. PUBG Mobile has even teased photos of the upcoming Livik map.

PUBG Mobile Season 14: Confirmed details

But for the most part, the Livik Map has been revealed, since it’s available in Beta. As for the details that are confirmed, PUBG Mobile Season 14 will bring the new Livik map. This was only available in closed beta and the devs made it official recently on social media. PUBG Mobile confirmed that the secret map is named Livik Map. And now the developers have shared a tweet that announces that the upcoming update 0.19.0 is going to be released on July 7.

We have played the new secret map which we expect to be the Livik map and though it absolutely was not the final version of the map. We found the map rather small and would bring some tight action. From what we’ve played it’s apparent that the map is quite small, and will be 2x2km in size. This might make it the smallest map yet.

When experiencing the gameplay of Livik Map which will be added with update 0.19.0, right off the bat you’ll notice that it’s elements from all the other four maps in each corner. There are some new weapons on this map also, these include the P90 SMG also as the SPAS-12 shotgun. The inclusion of these weapons alongside how abundantly guns are available goes to point out that the devs want this to be an action-packed map.

The Livik map is full of buildings and obstacles. These also will help in combat by providing cover while engaging the enemy. There are some new buildings on the map also. Plus there are some which show that some buildings from the other maps are also being employed here.

Though this is a particularly small map there are some vehicles. These will still be useful to rush players and take cover behind. The old vehicles just like Buggy, Bike, and the UAZ are present. Besides these, there’s a brand new monster truck within the map that may run over anything. This vehicle goes over boulders and other cars. The Livik Map is playable right now on the open beta version of PUBG mobile which features the update 0.19.0.

Ancient Secret Event: Leaked details

A match in the Ancient Secret Event mode starts off like all other matches on the Erangel map. But suddenly from a huge structure, a titan made from sand rises out. The skies are covered in a sandstorm and the titan invokes three ancient Egyptian buildings. These buildings then disappear and reappear in several parts of the map. The buildings are the same as ‘Ruins’ on the Sanhok map but are clearly ancient Egyptian. These buildings when people land on them start flying high in the sky.

The loot in these buildings is top tier, and there are puzzles to get even more loot. Players can defeat a mummy to get the best guns and armor within the game. Players need to jump off these buildings and use parachutes to succeed in land or other floating buildings around.

Besides this, other details about the following season have been leaked by Mr. Ghost Gaming on his YouTube channel. The supposed trailer of the upcoming season has also been leaked. As stated in the leaks the upcoming season is about to feature the Royale Pass called ‘Spark The Flame’.

Some of the sets leaked seem to be inspired by Egyptian mythology. The posters, frames, also as the rewards are showed in the video. There are new skins, costumes, headgear coming with the following season. As for the trailer, it seems to show the character skins that are leaked which suggest that it’s possibly real.

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