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Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5): Release Date, Price, Specifications, Features and More



Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5): Release Date, Price, Specifications, Features and More

The ninth generation of game consoles is coming in 2020, headlined partially by Sony’s PlayStation 5. we cannot see it in stores for a minimum of half a year, but Sony has shown off what the console will seem like its internal specs and a number of other upcoming games for the system. With that in mind, here’s everything we know about the PlayStation 5 to this point.

PlayStation 5 Controller and Design

We finally know what the PS5 appears like. It’s tall, narrow, and white with a black middle. The curved, slim shape is like a router over a game console, and it is a significant contrast to the Xbox Series X’s stark, cubelike shape. Despite its odd shape, it apparently is going to be used horizontally, and not need to stand vertically to work.

Before Sony revealed the PS5’s design, it unveiled the DualSense controller that may go along with it. It keeps the same general layout as the DualShock gamepads Sony has used since the first PlayStation, but it’s rounded, white, and more friendly-looking than previous controllers. It quite seems like the gamepad version of Baymax from Big Hero 6. Or a little pair of sunglasses with an enormous white wig.

Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5): Release Date, Price, Specifications, Features and More

Credits:- Sony

PlayStation 5 Specs

Sony has gone into detail on the PlayStation 5’s internal specs, and they are impressive. The PS5 features an eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU paired with a custom Radeon GPU, giving it ray-tracing and 4K rendering capabilities. The CPU also features a 3D audio unit that may support directional audio just like Dolby Atmos (or Sony’s own 360 Reality Audio), letting games generate sound in front, behind, to the edges, and even above the player (assuming the right speakers/headphones are being used). This may all run through 16GB of GDDR6 memory.

Rather than a hard drive, the PS5 will feature an 825GB SSD. It means games will load much faster than on previous consoles, and support plenty of new features like suspending multiple games at once and what Sony’s lead designer Mark Cerny describes as “instant game startup.”

The PS5 will feature an optical drive, though a disc-less PS5 Digital Edition will also be available. The optical-drive-equipped PS5 will also feature an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive that may be able to play UHD Blu-ray movies in 4K, a feature the PlayStation 4 and even PS4 Pro lack (but the Xbox One S and Xbox One X both have).

Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5): Release Date, Price, Specifications, Features and More

PlayStation 5 Features

Sony has confirmed that the SSD will allow the system to suspend multiple games, and allow you to jump right away back to whatever you feel like playing without loading it from the beginning. This is on top of the faster loading speeds for games that the SSD will enable.

The DualSense gamepad added up a few tricks also, starting with a built-in microphone to allow you to use voice chat without a headset. It’s handy for many gamers, but might be a privacy concern for others. The controller also features improved force feedback, with “adaptive triggers” that add tension to the pull of the L2 and R2 triggers.

PlayStation 5 Games

As the new console generation comes in, expect to examine lots of crossover between PS4 and PS5 games. But, Sony has unveiled a good spread of games being designed specifically for the PS5, which can be out either with the PS5 or in 2021.

They include sequels to highly regarded first- and second-party games, like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon: Forbidden West, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Resident Evil VIII: Village will also be released on the PS5 (whether it will be cross-platform has not yet been confirmed), together with several other large and indie third-party games, as well. The PS5 will also support PS4 backward compatibility to some extent, but few details are announced beyond that.

PlayStation 5 Accessories

Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5): Release Date, Price, Specifications, Features and More

Credits:- Sony

Sony showed off some first-party accessories to travel with the PS5, including a charging represent the DualSense controllers, a media remote, a camera, and the Pulse 3D wireless headset for audio. The new camera will presumably be used for PlayStation VR, though curiously Sony has not announced a brand new PS VR headset yet, and the Move controllers that PS VR currently uses come from the PlayStation 3.

PlayStation 5 Release Date and Pre-Orders

Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 will be ready this season, and despite the worldwide pandemic, it is standing by that schedule. No firm release date has been announced yet, though.

PlayStation 5 Price

Sony hasn’t revealed the pricing for the PlayStation 5, but As per a Bloomberg report, the console costs Sony $450 to manufacture. The huge mystery is whether Sony plans to take a loss on the console and structure for it with game sales, or whether it will price the PS5 more than the $399.99 is charged for the PS4 at launch (and the PS4 Pro when it launched three years later).

Sony features a checkered history with expensive consoles, particularly when it launched the PlayStation 3 with a $600 model. For now, we estimate the PS5 will retail for $400 to $500. Until we have the facts, but, all of this is subject change. We decide to update this story as we learn more about the PS5, so check back soon.


Snokor iRocker Stix TWS Earbuds, Bass Drops Wired Earphones Launched in India



Snokor iRocker Stix

SNOKOR, an audio company from Infinix, has announced the launch of their iRocker Stix truly wireless earbuds and their Bass drops wired earphones in India. The SNOKOR iRocker Stix TWS earbuds are going to be available from Amazon for Rs 1499, while the Bass Drops wired earphones are going to be launching on September 23 at Rs 449.

SNOKOR iRocker Stix comes in two classic variants black and white. The Bass Drops wired earbuds come in three colours – Red, Green, and Black.

SNOKOR iRocker Stix is provided with Bluetooth v5.0, which offers an enhanced range and seamless connection. Users can enjoy HD calling through the earbuds and also automatically connect them by just taking them out of the case, with any paired device in barely 2 seconds. Both the buds accompany independent chip design which makes switching between single or double earphone mode quite seamless.

The earbuds feature a giant 14.2mm Dynamic bass boost Driver and equipped with hi-fi speakers. The buds have powerful bass and frequency range of 20Hz-20,000Hz which produces clear vocals in low, mid & high range frequencies.

The ultralight earbuds weighing just 4 gm each are skin-friendly and are available in a square-shaped miniature case. iRocker Stix’s Multifunctional Button Control can allow the users to click once for play/pause, twice for going to the following song, and thrice for returning to the previous song.

Meanwhile, the Google and SIRI voice assistant supporting earbuds allow them to manage their phones using simple voice commands. One just has to press and hold either of the earbuds buttons for two seconds to activate the voice assistant. For calling, they can click on either of the buds to once to answer the call, press & hold to reject the call, if you’re on the call already, and click on another time to end the call.

Equipped with 300mAh + 40mAhx2 batteries that provide up to 16 hours of playtime, the earbuds also accompany a type C quick charge feature. They are available with Type-C cable in the box, which helps in getting the case fully charged within 1.5 hrs.

The Drops wired earphones by SNOKOR are provided with an unparalleled bass, tangle-free cable, and smooth volume slider. Its 14.3mm bass boost driver delivers 2x powerful bass to the earbuds. Its One-Button Control feature can allow the users to click once for play/pause, twice for getting to the next song. For calling, you can click once to answer or mute/ unmute the call, if a call is active. Meanwhile, the Google and SIRI voice assistant supporting earphone allow them to manage their phones using simple voice commands. One just has to press and hold the button for two seconds to activate the voice assistant.

Commenting on the same, Anish Kapoor, CEO, Infinix India said, “India’s TWS market has recorded a 656 percent y-o-y growth, especially during this pandemic. With numerous players venturing in this space with their affordable devices, the competition seems to possess intensified but the market largely remains untapped.

Our brand SNOKOR has been delivering a premium and immersive sound experience to the country’s young consumers. We received a terrific response for our maiden iRocker TWS earplugs from both our existing customers of Infinix also like the new users. With the new iRocker Stix and Bass Drop wired earphones, we are further building out our portfolio of audio products for the users who are searching for the right combination of great sound quality, seamless connectivity, and convenient experience at a reasonable price.”

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 Specifications Leaked : Check Details



galaxy tab active 3

There are only a couple of companies that sell Android tablets in 2020. The notable two brands are Samsung and Huawei. The South Korean tech giant had only recently launched Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ as its flagship tablet devices. Now, it seems the corporate will soon release Galaxy Tab Active 3 whose entire specs are now leaked.

The upcoming Galaxy Tab Active 3 will be the successor to Galaxy Tab Active 2 from late 2017. Samsung’s Active series of tablets are targeted at industries, hence the long interval of 3 years between the launch of every new model. For those unaware, the primary one in the series was unveiled back in December 2014.

That said, the 2020 model was first spotted on Geekbench with model number SM-T575 in July powered by Exynos 9810 paired with 4GB RAM and Android 10 operating system. Just in case you’re wondering, this chipset made its debut inside Galaxy S9 in 2018.

Now, an exclusive leak by SamMobile reveals the other remaining specs of this forthcoming Galaxy Tab Active 3. As per the publication, it’ll be MIL-STD 810 certified for durability and can be available in 64GB and 128GB storage configurations. Customers will also have a choice to get it with LTE connectivity.

Further, on the front, the tablet will sport an 8-inch TFT LCD panel with a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels and three physical buttons below it for navigation as per the SafetyKorea certification bureau. It might come with Bluetooth 5.0 and can also support S Pen with remote control option.

Last but not least, it’ll be backed by a 5,050mAh battery and its launch date is not known at this point. Anyway, since its a niche product, we expect Samsung to announce it via press release within the coming days just like the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition.

Source:- SamMobile

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Google’s next Chromecast shows full remote with dedicated Netflix and YouTube buttons



Google new chromecast

We might have just gotten our in-depth look yet at the long-rumored new Chromecast and its dedicated remote, because of what appears to be leaked marketing renders posted by WinFuture. We already know Google plans to launch hardware, including a brand new Chromecast, at its September 30th event, so these renders might be showing off a product Google is extremely on the brink of revealing.

The look of the new Chromecast shouldn’t be much of a surprise if you’ve been following other leaks; it appears to be a plastic oval HDMI dongle that’s slightly larger than the circular Chromecast devices we’re wont to. But what’s more interesting from these renders is the remote. We’ve already seen leaks of that, and while these new renders aren’t drastically different, they might reveal a revised button layout, including dedicated buttons for Netflix and YouTube.

The new Chromecast will reportedly run Android TV, though that OS is rumored to be rebranded to Google TV alongside the discharge of the new device. (You might remember that Google once made a TV platform called Google TV, which is dumped in favor of Android TV. I suppose the old will become new again.)

The new Chromecast is additionally rumored to cost $49.99 and come in a minimum of three colors, As per the 9to5Google — “summer melon” (pink), “rock candy” (gray — perhaps the color shown in WinFuture’s leaked images), and “summer blue.”

Google has openly said it’ll launch a brand new smart speaker at its September 30th event. We have already got a pretty good idea what that may appear as if — Google shared an official photo and video of the device back in July, and WinFuture today shared what appears to be leaked marketing renders of the speaker in “Charcoal” (black) and “Chalk” (white). Google also says it’ll boast new Pixels on September 30th, which can likely include the already-revealed flagship Pixel 5 that the corporate detailed early last month when it launched its cheaper Pixel 4A.

Source- WinFuture

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