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Xiaomi launched Mi Electric Toothbrush T100 in India for Rs 549: Check Features



Xiaomi Mi electric toothbrush T300

Recently, Xiaomi India was teasing about its upcoming launch of an electric toothbrush for the India market. Finally, Xiaomi made the Mi Electric Toothbrush T100 official. This is Xiaomi’s second electric toothbrush product in the country. Last time around, Xiaomi had launched the Mi Electric Toothbrush T300.

Now after a long wait of 4 months, Xiaomi has launched another electric toothbrush in India. Concerning about the Mi Electric Toothbrush T100, it is a more affordable electric toothbrush than the T300. The price of the T300 Electric toothbrush confirmed to be Rs 549. Same as the last time, this one too is presently available under crowdfunding on The company will start shipping it from July 15. It is only available in a single color variant.

Mi electric toothbrush T100: Specifications

The big flash of the Mi electric toothbrush T100 is that it offers a 30-day battery life. It is claimed by Xiaomi, it had been designed with the help of dentists. The electric toothbrush boasts of ultra-soft bristles and low-noise design (low-noise operation at 60bB). The bristles are 93 percent thinner than regular nylon brushes.

It also has fast charging support. You’ll see an LED indicator that notifies the user about the battery status, also as the charging status. It features a sleek design and is lightweight at just 46 grams. It is further also IPX7 rated, which suggests it can withstand water splashes.

This new T100 model features two different cleaning modes – Standard mode and a mild Mode. Apart from that, there is Dual-Pro Brush Mode and the EquiClean Auto Timer mode. These help in brushing teeth more efficiently, claims Xiaomi. It reminds the user about the right amount of time to spend in one area with the toothbrush pausing after every 30 seconds and the timer going off after two minutes.


Baseus Encok W04 Pro TWS Earphones is Now Available on Xiaomi Youpin Platform



baseus encok w04

Baseus is a brand known for its wide lineup of accessories including charging adapters, USB cables, power banks, headsets, and more. The corporate is additionally one of Xiaomi‘s technological ecosystem partners and offers several of its products through the Youpin platform. Now, Xiaomi has started offering the new Baseus Encok W04 Pro TWS headphones on Youpin.

Baseus Encok W04 Pro Features, Specifications

The headphones use a semi-in-ear design, seeking to be comfortable for the ears and not hurt the ear canals. Each unit incorporates a 13mm mobile driver complemented by a highly elastic PU composite diaphragm. This setup can restore vocal finesse, instrumental music, and deliver solid drum sound. It seems to own a sound signature designed for genres such as rock, jazz, and pop.

Its functions are powered by a dual-processing smart chip. After the mobile transmits a signal, the left and right earphones will be connected simultaneously. The new TWS Baseus Encok W04 Pro headsets connect to devices using Bluetooth 5.0, which reduces signal loss and disconnection caused by 2.4GHz band interference. The transmission speed can reach 24 Mbps, and it also can take advantage of its full connection potential at a distance of up to 10 meters.

It also supports capacitive touch controls. Because of this, we are able to pause or play the music with a double-tap on the side of the earpiece. The headphones also offer a battery backup around 4-5 hours of playback. They are being provided with a charging box that comes with a 400 mAh battery. It can charge the headphones up to 4 times in a row.

Headphones price

The new Baseus Encok W04 Pro TWS offered on Xiaomi Youpin is out there in two versions. First, we’ve the standard version priced at 158 yuan (about Rs. 1,700 or $22). Then we have a version that gives support for wireless charging, which features a tag of 188 yuan (around Rs. 2,000 or $26). Both are available in four color options: white, pink, gray, and black.

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Xiaomi 120W Charger May Launch Soon, Receives 3C Certification



Xiaomi 120W fast Charger

Smartphone maker Xiaomi is probably going engaged in the commercial launch of its much anticipated 100W charging technology. As a part of the technology, The corporate has likely developed a 120W charger to support the required speeds. As stated in the latest report, the 120W charger has just received the 3C certification within the market. It is worth noting that this certification is the first indication that the upcoming technology is consumer-ready. This comes almost a year after the corporate showcased its 100W Super Charge Turbo fast-charging tech in March 2019. Let’s look into the details regarding the upcoming Xiaomi fast charging technology here.

Xiaomi 120W charger may launch soon

As per GizmoChina, the corporate requires the 120W charger for its 100W Super Charge Turbo fast charging solution. Considering the certification for the charger, it’s also likely that Xiaomi is preparing its first 100W charging smartphone. This information comes just days after a leaker indicated that the smartphone maker is functioning on 100W charging support. Taking a more in-depth look at the details regarding the certification, the 120W charger comes with the “MDY-12-ED” model number. The unreleased product received the regulatory approval on Jun 28. Xiaomi has not shared any information regarding the official launch of the upcoming smartphone and the charger.

The report also noted that the 120W charger has already leaked in a video one or two weeks back. As per the video, the charger features a cuboid shape alongside a USB Type-A port. The charger also comes with charging pings on the other end of the USB port. This video also shared some details round the different charging speeds, power outputs that the 120W charger will support.

The different power outputs include 5V at 3A current for 15W charging speed, 9V at 3A, and 11V at 6A. We also get 20W at 4.8A and 20V at 6A current. The power outputs indicate that this product can charge multiple devices including laptops, and tablets alongside the standard smartphone. We aren’t sure if the corporate will include the 120W charger alongside the 100W smartphone. It is also likely that the smartphone user can purchase the 120W charger as a separate purchase like Apple.

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Snap Spectacles 2, Spectacles 3 Launched in India Starting at Rs 14,999



snap spectacles

Snap Inc. recently launched two smart spectacles in India, known as the Snap Spectacles 2 and the Snap Spectacles 3. Snap is the company behind popular instant messaging/social media app Snapchat. Each new Snap Spectacles models are available on the brand’s India website. The Snap Spectacles 2 is being offered at Rs 14,999, while the Snap Spectacles 3 is being provided for Rs 29,999.

Each the Snap Spectacles 2 and Snap Spectacles 3 are made available through Flipkart. The e-commerce website listing is further up with the price and availability date of June 4. These smart glasses by Snap Inc (previously referred to as Snapchat) were first launched in 2018 and 2019, respectively. The primary glasses were launched in November 2017 through limited availability and went on sale online in February 2017. “Spectacles are differently to experience Snap’s incredible AR capabilities, but also how to capture a distinct point of view on the globe – your own. We can’t wait to envision the planet through the eyes of Indian Snapchatters, especially with the new depth capture capabilities and 3D effects on Spectacles 3,” said Steen Strand, Director – Hardware, Snap.


The Snap Spectacles feature in-built cameras, which permit users to capture photos or videos via the glasses and lets them upload on to their Snapchat account. Users can easily sync the captured content with the iOS or Android Snapchat app. They are available with 4GB storage allowing one to record up to 100 videos or up to 1,200 photos. Users can recharge the battery of those glasses with a USB Type-C cable in 75 minutes.


The Snap Spectacles 2 is in a position to take 1642×1642 resolution pictures. It also can record 60fps videos at a resolution of 1216×1216 pixels. The device comes with 4GB onboard storage. Meanwhile, the Snap Spectacles 3 can take pictures at a resolution of 1728×1728 pixels. The cameras also can record 60fps videos at a resolution of 1216×1216 pixels. Here too, you get 4GB of onboard storage. The corporate claims this can be good enough to store up to 100 3D videos or 1200 3D photos.

The Snap Spectacles 3 features a secondary HD camera. It uses the additional camera to capture depth. The corporate also built a number of 3D effects to go with the newly available depth data. The Snap Spectacles 3 is going to be available in two color variants – carbon and mineral. Meanwhile, the Snap spectacles 2 are going to be available in Onyx Eclipse, Ruby Sunset, and Sapphire Midnight variants.

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